Atex Positionsschalter BC-PSI 22*PSI 222BC-PSI 222Atex Positionsschalter BC-PSI 22*Atex Positionsschalter BC-PSI 22*

BC-PSI 222
Position switch Atex

intrinsically safe Atex position switch small type

ATEX Position switch type BC-PSI 222 is characterised by a high robustness of the body (diecasting) and the actuator (stainless steel). Because of a huge assortment of actuators, plungers and contacts, the position switch can be utilised in almost any situation, e.g. a typical task is the control of assembly lines.

  • Stainless steel actuators

  • Switching with snap action and slow action for most precise switching

  • Usable in an array of temperatures from -20°C up to +60°C

  • Metrical insertion M20

  • Standard: quick release contact 5  (1 NO + 1 NC)



The ATEX position switches for intrinsic safety are conform to the following standards:

DIN EN 60079-0:2012 
(General provisions)

Electrical devices for hazardous areas (explosive)

DIN EN 60079-11:2012
(Intrinsic safety i)

Electrical devices for hazardous areas (explosive)