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Experiance in explosion preventing

We are pleased that you are interested in our innovative solutions for explosion-proof and intrinsically safe valve technology and ATEX-certified products.

BC-Systemtechnik has more than 30 years of experience in the production and sale of customised special solution products for customers in various sectors, such as mining, chemicals, offshore and intrinsic safety.


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Explosion -

Explosion Preventing

We offer products for appliance groups I and II, as well as for categories 2 and 3, whereby our core themes are ATEX and, most recently, IEC-EX. In regard to ignition protection categories, we are focused on intrinsic safety „ia“ and „ib“.



We know the special challenges that the mining industry is faced with, necessitating robust construction. For a long time, our comonents have successfully been deployed in mining, and have proven their suitability in every-day practice.



The focus of our product solutions lies on the maintainability and durability of our products for interaction of inverter controller and magnetic valve. We would be pleased to bring in our many years of experience, and also offer you suitable solutions for your project.